Gambling in Australia

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There are five countries in Australia where people can find gambling establishments. And one state where people can find races, sweepstakes, as well as a new type of casino with video poker and slot machines. The largest casinos are located in Australia, but gaming facilities are also located in New Zealand and other countries of this continent.

On the islands of Oceania, there are various entertainment centers and casinos. Oceania includes all the islands of the southern and central parts of the Pacific Ocean. There are land-based gambling houses in Oceania, but most casinos are still located on cruise ships.

Floating casinos

Australian Cruises is a famous cruise company that owns the cruise liners Regatta, Nautica and Insignia. On the insignia cruise ship, there are 36 gaming machines and 5 tables with table gambling. The cruise ship Century also enjoys great success with gamblers. In the gaming establishment of this ship, you can play 200 gambling games, including slots, card games, roulette and video poker.

Bingo halls, raffles, races and betting

In Australia, people can find a lot of bingo halls, various lotteries, sweepstakes and horse racing. The largest and most popular casinos in Australia are Crown, SkyCity and Canberra. In New Zealand, gambling people most often visit the SkyCity casino. Sweepstakes, horse racing and dog racing in Australia are tremendously successful.


Poker is also popular in Australia. This card game can be played in almost all the casinos of this continent. Dunedin and Christchurch casinos in New Zealand, as well as Le Meridien Port Vila casinos in Vanuatu, are the favorite places for poker players. In Australia, you can play poker in the fashionable casino Crown. This casino hotel regularly hosts prestigious poker tournaments with substantial cash prizes.

Poker Tournaments

Aussie Millions is the largest poker tournament in Australia. The appearance of this tournament is obliged to the hotel-casino Crownin which in 1997 for the first time the Australian Poker Championship was held. Today, the Aussie Millions is a world poker show with the most influential poker players on the planet. The tournament consists of 26 events.